94th Invitational Champion
University of Alabama Birmingham
205 (-5)


Montgomery Country Club

94th Men's Invitational

August 24 - 26, 2012


CHAMPIONSHIP – The Invitational Champion will be the competitor posting the lowest individual 54-hole score within this division. Upon completion of play on Saturday, this division will be divided into a Championship flight (approx. 20 competitors) and additional flights as determined by the Tournament Committee, for the final round. Play for this division will be from the BLUE TEES.

Dr. Hamp Greene, III Collegiate Cup – Collegiate Four-ball competition

recognizing the low two-man team, total score for 54 holes.

FOUR-BALL – Competitors 25 years of age and older electing to compete in four-ball stroke play. This division will be divided into two flights based on score and one flight for competitors 65 age and older as determined by the Tournament Committee. Upon completion of play on Saturday, flights may be further divided at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. All play in this division, except the MASTERS FLIGHT (super seniors), will be from the WHITE/BLUE TEES. The MASTERS FLIGHT will play from the GOLD TEES and GROSS & NET scores will determine the winners in this flight . Prizes will be awarded for team score only; competitors are not required to post an individual score for each hole, but team score on each hole must be attributed to an individual competitor on the team’s scorecard.


PRIZES – Gift certificates and crystal trophies will be awarded to the individuals/teams recording the lowest totals in a given flight. All gift certificates must be redeemed on or before December 31, 2012.

METHOD FOR DECIDING TIES: Should a tie exist at the end of 54 holes for the Invitational Championship, a sudden death play off will commence immediately following play starting on #18 tee. Competitors will continue to hole #1 should a tie still exist and alternate until a winner is determined. Ties for the Files Crenshaw Medalist Trophy, and each of the flight and Four-ball prizes will be decided by the method recommended by the USGA, Appendix I, "How to Decide Ties," in the Rules of Golf.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: The tournament committee will make all decisions regarding altering the format to complete play due to inclement weather. Should inclement weather force cancellation of a round the tournament will be shortened to 36 holes and flights and the medalist winner will be determined after the first 18 holes are completed.

Signals to Suspend Play: Several Short Siren Blasts

Signals to Resume Play: One Long Siren Blast


The 2012 USGA Rules of Golf will govern play for the Invitational. In addition, please refer to the Local Rule Sheet for additional rules and information.


Dr. Hamp Greene, III & Pete Cobb -- Tournament Co-Chairmen
Mike Shirley -- Director of Golf